Evil Superman in Reverse (but with Drugs)

Posted: April 2, 2016 in film, television
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Have you ever been disappointed to see a favorite actor from one series appear in something else? This happens to me from time to time. It happened this weekend watching Ant Man wherein I watched Wood Harris in the minor role of a police officer. Inside, my inner TheWood Harris_The Wire Wire fan cringed and wailed, “Nooo…” This is a backhanded tribute to Harris who has played the character of Avon Barksdale in The Wire so well, I apparently wanted him to stay in that role forever, fixed into the persona of a ruthless drug lord. Now when I see him in subsequent episodes of The Wire (yes, it’s an old series, and yes, I’m now semi-binge watching), there will be a schism in my TV-watching universe, sort of like an evil Superman-type thing in reverse. How can this be remedied? I’m not sure it can, but if anything, it tells me I’ve been privileged to watch some excellent TV. Mr. Harris (and all the creators and cast of The Wired): Keep doing more of that!

Added thought: I didn’t think I’d like Ant Man (my appetite for superhero films in general is fading fast), but I have to say they did an excellent job–just enough action leavened with humor (but not over-camped) in all the right places. The creative effects of the microscopic helped as well. For me at least, Ant Man stood taller than many a mightier hero.


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