Sheemi and Kellen are out of time-with the alien Hexi closing in, their only hope is to find the Chines. If you’re looking for an intricate plot and well-developed characters, read this novel: The Farthest City

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In the far future, intelligent machines resurrected the human race, then disappeared. Now humanity wages war against alien invaders, and the machines are needed once again.3d-book-template_01_cropped

After her brother is killed, Sergeant Sheemi Tanamal wants only one thing—to kill more of the enemy until they kill her, but her father has other plans. Sent into space on a long-shot mission to find their machine allies, Sheemi must navigate forces of hate and intrigue and her own thirst for revenge.

Obsessed by the machines, artist Kellen Beaudin lives a life of secrecy, hiding his drawings from an unforgiving society. Kellen’s origin is deeply intertwined with the machines, although he doesn’t understand how or why. A mysterious stranger shatters Kellen’s safe existence, stirring up echoes of the past. Recruited for a strange quest, Kellen makes an amazing discovery and embarks on a journey beyond anything he could have imagined.

In the most unlikely of places, Sheemi and Kellen will meet and change the fate of millions.

Reviews say:

“This is hard core sci-fi as it is meant to be written.”

“Epic science fiction: artificial intelligence and the fate of mankind.”

“Broad in reach, deep in its humanity, far flung in scope – I could not & did not anticipate where this novel could & would go.”

“5 stars: A satisfying sci-fi that will take you far and away on all sorts of adventures but hit you right at home. You’ll come to love the characters and the world that this author creates. All in all a solid novel.”

“An excellent story – an interesting take on extrasolar life/travel and a creative look at a machine civilization.”

“I finished this book in one day. There are books that I reread several times because they are like old friends. This is one of those books. I hope he writes more books with the same characters.”

“The Farthest City is a highly engaging book that captured my attention from the beginning. Overall, very well written – I’d definitely recommend to fans of the genre.”

“if you’re the type of person who likes a sci-fi story that will challenge your way of thinking–opening your mind to new possibilities– and you’re tired of predictable story lines, get this one. It will leave you thinking.”

“Interesting and well thought out science fiction story. First book for author and I’m looking forward to his next.”

“Quite a surprise. A very different tale for me, well told! Perserveer and you will be rewarded with a wonderful imaginative storyline.”

“Amazing, intricate plot. Incredible imagination of the possibilities of technological evolution. Highly recommend for Sci-Fi fans. Just sad there is no sequel :(”

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Idea Behind the Story:

I conceived the idea for The Farthest City while mulling over books and films where robots get smart and try to kill off the human race (I, Robot, the Terminator, the Matrix, and Battlestar Galactica to name a few). In these stories, machines represent our collective nightmare.

But what if they saved us instead? The setting of The Farthest City is based on this unique premise: humanity destroyed itself in a third world war. When the dust settled, our species was resurrected by intelligent machines raising a new generation of humans from frozen embryos using artificial wombs. Then the machines depart into space, ceding Earth back to us. The book opens with an alien invasion threatening a second human extinction and the machines’ help is needed once again.

I also tried to imagine what machines might be like if they did become sentient. The challenge was making them as different and non-human as they would probably be, while still making them relatable as characters. Would they merge into a single near-omniscient, soulless entity, or develop as individuals with personalities, goals, and ideals? How would they live—in virtual worlds or using interchangeable bodies in the real world? How would they evolve? How would they live differently from us? All these questions are explored further in the book and lead to some interesting story developments I hope will entertain readers as much as they fascinated me.

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