Fate Multiplied and Other Stories

Posted: April 25, 2015 in science fiction

FM_Amazon small image.jpg

Amazon review:

“I found these stories entertaining and unique. The language, plots, personalities and societal commentary display a wry wit. The writing style has an interesting voice that kept me in the story. I believe fans of intelligent, thought provoking science fiction will enjoy this collection, I certainly did. Recommended.”

What do aliens, cryogenic storage, espionage, colony ships, artificial intelligence, and murder have in common? Throw in a few gods for good measure, and you have Fate Multiplied: A collection of six short stories by Daniel P. Swenson.

Fate Multiplied

Dreaming at the Frozen Edge of Nothing

Thieves on the Long Dark Road

Belly of the Universe

Overwrite My Love

Suicide Flight

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